You really have to upgrade to the Surface Pen V2

If you’re a Surface Pro 3 user and you’ve been thinking about the latest Surface Pen that launched today with the Surface Pro 4 tablet, this post is intended for you.

I’ll dedicate more time in a future post to a thorough review of the new Surface Pen V2, but for this post, I’ll focus my attention on whether or not it’s worth shelling out the money for a new pen.

The simple answer is yes, just do it. There’s a much longer answer, but that’s for a future review. For now, I’ll just point out some of the best reasons to buy the new Surface Pen V2.

Microsoft’s new Surface Pen V2 is slightly longer than the original Surface Pen. It’s also a couple of grams heavier and loses the two buttons on the barrel. It’s reconfigured with a single button embedded flush in the flat side of the pen. Microsoft has also reconfigured the Surface Pen V2 with an eraser on one end. The eraser has a real sticky feel on the glass, and will leave you with the feeling that you’re actually erasing naturally.

Some people might not like the extra movement required to erase, but I think it offers a more natural drawing experience.

But the money end of the pen is where you’re really going to notice the difference. The new Surface Pen now comes with a variety of tips (nibs) that really offer a much better drawing experience. The HB nib, which comes pre-installed with the Surface Pen offers just enough resistance on the glass to give you the feeling that you’re actually drawing on a surface intended for ink. The new nib basically eliminates the slippery action associated with the original Surface Pen. That skating feeling is totally eliminated.

Three other three nibs, 2H, H, and B are also available in the complete set and from what I understand, the 4-nib set is available for about $10 to $15, but you can order the new Surface Pen V2 at the Microsoft Store and Microsoft will throw in a set of nibs.

The Surface Pen V2 feels much better in the hand, and it also lays down lines more accurately than its predecessor. The new pen is intended to work at its best with the Surface Pro 4, however, I found it offered noticeable improvements when used with a Surface Pro 3.

I highly recommend the new Surface Pen V2 for anyone with a Surface Pro 3.

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